Sunday, 1 February 2015

Getting stuff into Evernote

Here are just a few of the ways I get notes into Evernote:


The drafts app for iOS is the closest thing to a pad of post-its you can get in digital. As soon as the app opens it displays a clear screen and a keyboard, just begging for input. So quickly enter your thoughts and your done. No messing around with creating a new note or setting tags and notebooks when all you need to do is get it out your head.

Drafts also allows you to create workflows including ones for Evernote. For example I have a workflow which appends the text to a journal note or creates a new note in my todo list.

Brett Kelly and Agile Tortoise (Developer) have collaborated to create a great guide for beginners.


I have mentioned IFTTT before but for those who don't know it stands for If This Then That. It can be used to combine triggers with actions to automate tasks between services. More 

For example I use a recipe to archive my tweets. If I tweet Then create a new note containing the tweet and save to evernote (with appropriate tags and etc). Keep your eyes peeled for my a future post on my top IFTTT recipes.

Evernote Camera 

Built into the Evernote app is a very powerful scanner with OCR and all you have to do it snap a picture of it. If you use the Document mode it will straighten the image and improve the contrast. But it doesn't stop there: it also will scan in business cards and convert them to contacts.

Scannable is a new app from Evernote which basically does the same as above, however with one small feature difference: multiple snaps are combined into a pdf before saving to Evernote. 

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