Sunday, 24 August 2014

Parenting using Evernote

Just a quick post on how I have been using Evernote since the birth of my son 6 weeks ago:

Firsts things first - Journalling
Brett Kelly (@inkedmn) gave me the idea for this first one when he was a guest on Mac Power Users. Everytime my son Archie does something I wish to treasure forever (for example first smile etc): I make a note of it in my Journal notebook. Great for revisiting for embarrassing future girlfriends.

On this day in 2014
When the birth of my child was imminent I started a new note and began listed all the things that I wish I had know about the day I was born. Some are obvious but others not so:

  • No 1 in the charts
  • Midwifes names
  • First photo
  • On this day in history
  • The weather
  • etc

Keeping my bubba healthy
Every appointment gets a new note in the health notebook. Before the appointment I list the questions my wife and I need to ask. During I take notes of any results, answers and future appointments. Then After I ensure the actions are placed in my Todo system and tag is appropriately. I don't just do this for my child but also for me....

One extra free
My wife came up with a unique usage where she has taken pictures of all the presents grouped by the giver so she can work through them one by one sending thank you cards.

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