Friday 20 June 2014

Harnessing the power of technology to improve our quality of life.

Christopher Brown

Digital Advocate, Husband, Father

Technology is changing the world: The way we interact with each other; Teaching us about ourselves and improving our health; Indexing the worlds knowledge; Preserving our memories; Understanding far away Galaxies. Just to name but a few. I consider myself a Technologist and willing passenger of how technology is changing our lives. 

Paper was once preserved as a technology, which over time successfully embedded itself into society and culture to the extent we no longer see it as such. I think over time we will think of current technologies in the same way.

I have been lucky enough to experience the popularisation of the Internet, Mobile phones, Social Networking, Smart Phones, the cloud and tablets. These experiences have given me the unique perspective because with each of these transformations: I have had to embrace the change and can appreciate the impact the change had. 

Over my career I have embraced different ecosystems: Microsoft, Google, Apple, and more recently Amazon's interpretations of hardware and software combinations. However I have a soft spot for Open Source because it empowers innovation and openness that is taken advantage of by people and corporations alike. My agnostic attitude to hardware meant that I had to embrace the cloud, so it really doesn't matter what flavour of device is in favour.

Although initially excitable about the possibility that digital and technology can have, I am not ignorant to the potential risks that it can introduce. I have 5 years experience as an IT Auditor specialising in Privacy and Security which gives me an appreciation for the balance required between convenience and Privacy & Security.

Outside of technology: I strive to be as efficient and productive as possible. Time is too precious and better spent enjoying life than answering 1000s of emails. To that end I am an advocate for GTD and a certified Agile Scrum Master.

My current hobby is to use technology to automate my home. Leveraging IFTTT as the glue to combine the APIs of different IoT devices & online services. Providing a voice interface through Echo and Dots.

I currently work for a pharmaceutical company introducing people to the technologically possible, so that we can improve and extend peoples lives. The pharmaceutical industry gives me a chance to take what I am good at and use it to improve peoples lives. For more information take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

I do not limit these introductions to only work benefit, as I enjoy improving the lives of my friends and family by introducing them to the possible, often with their existing technology. However I also recognise that I have much to learn and enjoy listening to podcasts, reading and exploring how my younger colleagues and friends use technology to continue my learning and improve my own usage.

Born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK and mostly then remained living and working in Hampshire. Been married since 2012 to my wonderful wife Natalie and in 2014 became a father to my son Archie.

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