Sunday, 5 October 2014

How I backed up the cloud to the cloud

Cloud storage like Dropbox shouldn't be considered for backup. Especially if like me you use Evernote and Google Drive as your primary copy. I also don't want to decorate my home with physical media used to backup the cloud. So my backup rule of thumb is to keep duplicates of my files between different cloud services and they must owned by different parent companies. It is my hope that by doing so, I will have my data backed up in different data centres.

However I am not prepared to be the middle man so I turned to IFTTT and CloudHQ:
  • IFTTT - "A service that lets you create powerful connections with a one simple If This Then That statement" From 
The CloudHQ sync personal account ($99) allows for 3 sync pairs. My current three one way syncs are:
  • From Evernote to Dropbox 
  • From Google Drive to Dropbox
  • From Gmail to Dropbox
IFTTT is free and I use it for two backup orientated recipes:
  • If a new photo is saved to iPhone then save to Dropbox
  • If a photo is tagged as me on Facebook then save to Dropbox
As a result of these services and recipes/syncs I am able to backup my primary services to Dropbox. I do not use dropbox for anything other than backup. But dropbox has to be my other expense as I do need the space for all these backups (£79).

In summary I am able to ensure my data is safe across multiple cloud services and all for roughly £10 a month. Unfortunately I haven't yet found a cloud backup solution for my MP3s uploaded to Google Music.  

Like always I do not believe I know everything and really appreciate your comments in auditing this solution.

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